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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

iPhone Photos: Weeks 16 & 17

Red Robin seriously has the best salads ever. Collin enjoyed his grilled cheese from his first ever meal 
off of the kid's menu. And Mama enjoyed copious amounts of iced tea.

79 degrees inside & I am still determined to not use the AC. We colored Easter eggs with Aunt 
Cort. I like to spend my Tuesday nights catching up on my DVR...with a milkshake. Mmmmm.

Sorry eggs. Time to make you devilicious. My cat snoozing on my bed in the sun light. Some sidewalk 
chalk art. Mama & Collin went out for lunch. He's a hot date.

My chocolate fix. Dresses I tried on at Target, but didn't buy. I wish I'd bought that black one.

Cranky McCrankerson...but at least I get cuddles. Look! I actually wear makeup from time to time!
We headed out for Easter in LA. I wore my sunglasses at night...because LA!! Then we had fun sitting
in traffic. Welcome to LA!

Beachy Holly wears aviators. We took Collin to the beach. The kid literally rolled around in the sand.
He is such a boy. It's gross. Mama Holly was tired.

Collin does not travel well & does not sleep in the car. So after a weekend with a total of 15 hours
of sleep, he finally crashed. And he crashed hard. Driving back to VegasLand...with the cutest feetsies 
on our seats. I also grew a new set of chompers. We like?

My Mom's backyard with a yummy raspberry beer & new red hairzzzzz.

I spliced my thumb open trimming my bangs. Collin did not care.

My new red hair inspired red lipstick...& fiery chili.

My tea leaked into my produce drawer. It was epic. Collin was also being cranky.

Coloring at the baby shower.

Collin playing with his train after destroying his room. My fourth iced tea of the day. My hot outfit.
Cute necklace I got on clearance at Target. Bubblegum vodka & Sprite. You're welcome. Bin Laden
is confirmed dead. Collin & Aunt Cort just chilling in the kennel. Tipsy ladies.

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