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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday: Baby Shower Edition

I've never done an SOS post before. This is because on Saturdays, I am usually catching up on housework & wearing a chic combo of sweats & a tank top. This is also because I shop at high end stores such as K-Mart & Dress Barn. And this is also because most of my wardrobe is hand me downs & thrifted.

I only know the shirt is from Dress Barn because that's what the tag says. My Mom gave me this shirt after she didn't want it anymore. The shorts were bootylicious & I actually prefer a longer length, but paired with the boots, I felt they needed to be on the shorter side. The boots were also given to me by Meaghan (step-daughter) after she decided she didn't want them anymore.

Told you. Booty freaking licious.

This Saturday, my Mom, Collin & I went to a baby shower that my Aunt was holding at her house. Collin was the only male there. He totally didn't mind this & instantly got to work upholding his Mac Daddy rep.

The shower was in the middle of nap time, so Collin's Mac daddy skills diminished quickly & his exceptional tantrum skills kicked in. I was so glad when we got home. Naps are necessary, people. For your sanity.

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