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If you found my blog because you recently experienced the loss of your child or baby, I can tell you from experience that the Internet is a giant community with lots of resources.  I've listed a few here.

I lost my oldest son, Liam, in August of 2008.  It was the worst imaginable experience of my life (to read Liam's story, go here).  What was hardest on me, was knowing Liam would never get to experience the many gifts life has to offer.  I nearly gave up on my own life, but I clung to the idea that Liam needed & wanted his Mama to live.  Really live life.  Experience the things he would never get to experience.  Laugh & love & kiss & cry & yell & play.  Enjoy the little things he never will.  Like the taste of a warm brownie fresh from the oven.  Or the inhale the sweet smell of blooming honeysuckle wafting in the gentle Spring breeze.  I live my life fully & with no regrets.  Taking in every experience & appreciating the simplest of pleasures for him.  This?  This is the only way I know how to be his Mama.

I felt very alone when I lost Liam & had to search for resources & find communities that could help me.  To know I wasn't alone & to be able to tell his story to other Mothers who had losses of their own was therapeutic & essential to my healing process.

I have complied a list of resources that were most beneficial to me & that I would direct anyone who has lost a child towards.

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope, they also published my story of infant loss here.
Grieve Out Loud
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Healing Heart
Glow in the Woods (stopping lactation)

You can also feel free to email me any time at hollyblogs@ymail.com.  I am always available to talk to anyone experiencing a loss.  I don't think anyone truly understands unless they've been through it.  I have & I'm here.  My door is open.

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