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I'm Holly.  A craft obsessed, home schooling, cookie & cupcake baking, photographer Mama to an incredible two year old named Collin.  I know all us Moms say that, but in my case, it's true.  The kid grows super boogers & farts like a 48 year old truck driver.  So, I'm pretty much winning in that department.  Birth story here.

I lost my oldest son, Liam, in August of 2008.  You can read about him here.  If you're here because you've lost a child or baby, I've compiled a list of resources that were essential for my healing (if there is such a thing) here.

I am married to a beardy bookworm named Jacob.  I often refer to him as J or Manski because...well, we enjoy being cheesy.  J & I eloped in Las Vegas, NV two weeks after he proposed & on the day I had a U-Haul filled to move from Las Vegas to Lucerne Valley, CA to be with him.

J has three kids of his own.  MJ & Andi live with their Mom in Oxnard, CA & visit us as frequently as possible.  Aiden is two & lives with us.  He & Collin are BFFs & total brothers.

On any given day, you can pretty much count on me rocking the shit out of a top knot & red lipstick all while wearing my finest hole-ridden sweats.  Who says sweats can't be faboosh?

J & I are pregnant with a baby girl.  She is due at the end of January & we are both thrilled to add a girl to the mix here at Casa de Sosa.  

I am passionate about writing, photography, crafting, baking & music.  I've got lots of tattoos & I love art in all it's forms.  I also use curse words here.

You're prolly gonna love me...or hate me.  I prefer the former.

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