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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Most of you who follow me on the Twitter or Facebeezy know Collin & I have a new little apartment. I plan to give a tour of our bare walled, hand-me-down-furnitured apartment this weekend, but I wanted to talk about something that deserves it's own post. The bathtub. This thing is pretty much amaze.

Built in shelves because I'm a toiletry addict need a lot of supplies. Curved edges for optimum relaxation. Bowed out shower rod so you feel like your showering in an Amazon rain forest. A light above the shower itself so you can glisten in all your naked glory.

Collin likes it, too. So much so, that I busted out my DSLR for the first time in months.

The kid loves baths. He especially loves drinking his bath water which I think is disgusting...but I can never stop laughing long enough to correct him properly. So, for now, I let him drink it. Whatever.

He loves playing in the water with his cars & toys. But when it comes time for hair washing. OMFGMOMIMDYING. It's like seriously the biggest issue to wash his hair. He freaks the freak out, man.

Tonight though, he made me so proud. I'm thinking of calling Guinness. Check it.

You're fucking welcome, world.


  1. Connor only just recently stopped having meltdowns over his hair getting washed. And still drinks his bath water. sick. When he was Collin's age though, I didn't really mind. It taught him to drink from a cup without spilling. =]

  2. @Debbie - It's so weird. But I mean...choose your battles, right?

  3. I think we should have gotten Collin a razor for Christmas.