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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions, I Make Them

I know  a lot of people think that resolutions are cheesy mc cheeserson, but I love the feel of a new beginning. A fresh start. And the challenge of making a resolution & sticking to it. Committing myself to a change.

2011 brought change. It was a year of transformation & self-discovery for me. I found happiness & love. I found my soul mate. I found my bearings in this new life of single Mamahood. I found an amazing job. I found an awesome apartment. I found life. Real, happy every day, smiling every moment, soaking in the love life.

I am heading into 2012 continuing with this momentum & new found motivation. My resolutions? Some are big. Some are small. But all will aide me in becoming a better person & continuing my constant journey of creating a well rounded Mama.

1. Read 12 books. That's one a month. This month is a dweeby book J gave me to read, The Warded Man. He's super into sci-fi. I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt & read a book he chose. He swears it's amazing. He also swore I would

2. In 2011, I lost 60 pounds. I am committing myself to losing the rest & making it to my goal weight this year of 150.

3. I started a 365 project & thanks to the trusty iPhone app, I should have no problem keeping up with it!

4. I am committing myself to this blog all over again. I allowed outside factors to make me retract from things I love, like this blog. Photography, writing. In 2012, I see this blog & my photography growing.

5. Two week rule. J & I have committed to never go more than two weeks without seeing one another. Living three hours away blows, but we can & will make it work. We both have children involved & we both believe that we need to build a strong foundation for them. Two weeks max is the rule.

6. I am the worst about making doctor's appointments for myself. I'll ignore something forever until it becomes a problem. I need to make sure I stay healthy for Collin, so I am promising to make sure I stay on top of myself if I feel sick...& to finally make the appointment to get my aching tooth looked at.

I am going into 2012 the happiest I have ever been. Stronger. Prouder. And best of all? Completely in love. Jacob came into my life and opened this whole new window to me. I have never been in love like this before. And I genuinely, with all of my heart believe I have found my soul mate in him. He makes me a better person & a better Mama. 2012 will be a big year of discovery for us as we navigate this long distance (3 hour drive) relationship & make it work for us & for our kids.

Happiest of new years, babies!


  1. Yay! Here's to a fabulous 2012!

  2. that's a good one about the dr. as I sit here with a mysterious pain in my foot and worry needlessly and obnoxiously. Cancer of the foot? Blood clot? African chicken mumps? Maybe I should just make an appt. lol.

    60 lbs.... WAY TO GO! That's like.... a whole Connor! Well. Almost. Actually I have no idea how much he weighs.

    And also, I ♥ you.

  3. @rachel - Cheers!

    @Debbie - Haaa!! Gosh, I have so many issues. I need to see a derm, OB/GYN, dentist. I'm a mess. Haha!

    I also love you.

  4. Sounds like you've got yourself a recipe for a kick-ass new year! And congrats on the 60 lbs--I'd have to cut off a leg to reach such an awesome milestone!