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Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrating Our Guys

I love me some Erika from rouge & whimsy. It was recently her husband's birthday (PS: They share a birthday, how OMFG cool is that?!?!) & she did this incredibly sweet post about him & it got me thinking....we almost NEVER get to see each other's guys. I mean sure, pictures here & there & the occasional he farts all the time, you guys, but never a full on post about/for them. She inspired me to dedicate a post all about my man & then I realized not many of us bloggers talk much about our manskis...& then a linky party grew it's wings.

I thought it would be fun to do a little linky party & have us all talk about our dudes. Why not? I mean...we do have some serious Baberham Lincolns on our hands, ladies. Amirite?!?!?

This guy? This is my Baberham. His real name is Jacob, though. Sometimes I call him Boo, Booski, Manski, Babe, Babers...but I mostly call him J. Despite his outward appearance, J is the sweetest Dada I know. All the man wants is to make his kids & this Mama happy. One of his best & worst qualities is his concern for others. But if that's the worst, then I'd say I'm doing pretty good.

J loves fiercely & deeply. He is protective & nurturing. He came into my life & Collin's life & just took us in & loved on us with all he had. Collin's loves his Cub Cub & let's be honest, what single Mama doesn't melt at seeing her beau wrestle & play with her kid one minute & then kiss his skinned knee or tuck him into bed while kissing his forehead the next? Talk about Mom porn. Can I get an amen?

J works at a cement plant/mineral mine for Mitsubishi...I didn't even know that they owned mines, did you?! He basically gets all all & sweaty & wears a construction hat & shiz like in the movies when a girl falls for a blue collar guy who works in the coal mines. Yeah, that's my man!

He loves art, books & tattoos (I needed to point that one out in case, you know, you didn't notice his heavily tattooed arm). But his passion is music. The man loves music. All of it. When he visits me & Collin on the weekends (he lives in Big Bear, CA), I always come home to a different genre playing on my Mac speakers or coming from his phone. Sometimes it's Miles Davis, sometimes it's 311, sometimes it's Rachmaninoff & sometimes (our fave) Jason Mraz. He often texts me filled with excitement when he hears a new song that reminds him of me. I know...how barfaliciously romantic, are we? I know it's sappy, but music was our first & only way to connect when we first started our long distance relationship.

He supports all of my blog endeavors & always encourages me to write. He talks about what a great writer his girlfriend is to anyone who listens & often brags about my blog & photography. He always reassures me I'm being the best Mama to Collin despite my feeling sad about how his parents are no longer together. He tells me how beautiful I am every single day. And I know he means it. He gets OMFGSTOKED to start a new book & even read The Hunger Games series just because I recommended it. And bonus? He liked it! He is always willing to listen to my ideas for vegetarian substitutes in our foods & is always willing to help, if not TAKE OVER COMPLETELY, in the kitchen. He reaches out to my blog followers knowing that they are my friends & to him? That means they are his friends, too. He is encouraging & uplifting with everything I do & take on in my schedule. He is my biggest supporter & believes in me.

He kisses my forehead because he knows that it's my favorite. He will tell me the truth if my butt looks to big or if my tits are hanging out....thank you breastfeeding...when I ask. He has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen on a human being in my life. And the sweetest, most kind eyes that just drink you in. His hands are dry & rough from all the hard work he does with minerals & coal, but still gentle enough to soothe a crying toddler by rubbing his back softly.

And if all of that wasn't enough? He has the most perfectly grown beard of all time. Ever. Like in the creation of beards. His beard rules. Literally, panties just drop when they see the beard.

I am so thankful to have this sexy beast in my life.

Tell me about your man. What do you love about him? What does he do for you that he may not think you notice? What is your favorite feature/quirks? Link up & tell me!!!


  1. Love this idea & your post! Will have to whip something up to link up.

    1. I hope you do!!! Such a sweet gesture for our dudes.

  2. I'm totally adding this to my "blog posts to write" ... hopefully I'll get it done soon!

    1. Yay! Awesome! Link up here, if you do! I'd like to read it!

  3. So Super Sweet!!! Alright...ya twisted my arm!!!!

    1. Haha! It was actually super fun to write & gave me some serious cool girlfriend points. ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! And thanks for linking up! Heading over to read yours now!

  5. I LOVE this idea!!! Totally going to dedicate a full out post to him {although, I generally have plenty of those on my blog ahha!}

  6. I think I will totally be adding this to my blog posts to come.