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Monday, January 2, 2012


We started our new year off pretty much the bestest way ever. With all our babies together. J took us to this beach where they have a tide pool place for the kids to play around & explore. It was super cool. I'm also pretty sure we broke some kind of California beach law when we fed this random seagull teething biscuits, but we like to live on the edge like that. Obvs, we are raising cold, hard criminals.

Also, can I just say how slightly humorous it is to see my tattooed manly manski with all of these kids & a diaper bag backpack? He's tough. So tough.

I forgot my camera, so I relied on my iPhone. Some of these are crappy quality, but I still love that I can depend on my phone when I forget.

Side note: I also started the January photo a day challenge...a day late, but who's counting? Anyone else doing this on Instagram? You can find me @hollydaysblog.

Collin & I drove back home to Vegasland after ice cream at Ben & Jerrys. He needed it after the carousel ride from hell. He pretty much screamed the whole time causing the operator to ask me if he should shut it down. Sweet. I'm that Mom.

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