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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs

The other day, Collin & I were just chilling around the house when I decided suddenly that we needed to color Easter eggs. At that very moment. A couple texts & one call to my sister later, she was at my front door with iced teas & Target bags full of supplies. Aunt Cort to the rescue. And very stylishly, might I add.

We decided to color the eggs outside because I wanted Collin to have the freedom to touch & dunk & play at his discretion & not have me going all "Mom" on him about making a mess.

It wouldn't have been a Holly & Cortney date if something didn't go wrong. My sister & I always end up messing things up. And I really don't mind that because we have created some of my most precious memories that way. The only difference now is that Collin is along for the ride. Poor kid.

What disaster might you ask occurred during what sounds like an easy afternoon of festive activities? Oh, no big deal. I just dropped my pot full of eggs & broke/cracked nearly every single white sphere inside. Luckily, Cortney, having had 23 years of experience with me, bought an 18 pack of eggs. We salvaged 12.

In the end, Collin didn't notice the difference. And neither did we.

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