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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk & Dog Poop (Photo Heavy..what's new?)

A few weeks ago, I bought Collin some sidewalk chalk. Dude is really into arts & crafts & the weather in VegasLand has been nothing short of gloriously perfect. I know these days are numbered. Soon enough, we will be cooped up inside because of the summer heat only venturing out to go to Nanny's house for a swim in her pool. So, these days...these days with the perfect & glorious weather...we spend outside. Collin loves being outside & even though our yard leaves much to be desired & is often filled with dog poop, I refuse to let that stop us from soaking in all that the afternoon has to offer. Iced tea (juice for Collin) & sidewalk chalk. Barefoot & in jammies. Laughing & playing. And dog poop.

Collin often reminds me of just how big this world of ours is. I love that having him has made me remember to not sweat the small things. My life isn't perfect & there is a lot I want & need to fix, but I'll be damned if I will let that get in the way of a perfect afternoon. I am happy in this moment & I am choosing to be happy in this moment. Because there is still so much to be thankful for. My son is healthy & happy. My fridge has food in it. There is a cool breeze blowing through my house. I have shelter & I have love. The world is big & the world is scary, but my little man & I can conquer it one sidewalk chalk filled afternoon at a time.

Proud of myself, I sat admiring Collin's artwork. I had cleaned up the poop. I had given Collin a fun day outdoors. I was enjoying my iced tea & taking photos of my reflection & the blue sky & warm, green grass. Then Collin came waltzing over to me...with poop on his foot.

So, we left behind our chalk & the evidence from last week's painting adventure & made a beeline for the bath. Because, seriously...this Mama does not deal well with these type of things. Poop & bugs & boy stuff. It sort of freaks me out. Away we went to scrub & sanitize. 

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