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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Operation: Finger Paint (Photo Heavy)

Sometimes a Mama has to let go of her inhibitions & just let a kid finger paint.....or ignore the canvas & paint for a football. I had grand visions of Collin & I sitting on the concrete in the backyard, giggling & painting together. Problem with that, is home boy has to sit still. Collin is not a sit still kind of kid. He ended up stomping all over our canvases & running around the backyard like it was his job. Squealing & grunting; laughing & picking up dirt. We did end up painting a little bit...mostly on Collin than the canvas, but I love our little canvases & will display the stomped on, smeared, messy creation I made with my kid this afternoon. Even if he didn't want much to do with it.

(Editor's note: I checked the paint for safety & even called our pediatrician to make sure this was a safe activity. I didn't just let Collin smear toxic paints all over himself & in his mouth. I don't completely suck at this whole Mom thing.)

You should see the bath tub. For serious. Whoa.

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