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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

These Days (Photo Heavy)

I've been feeling so uninspired lately. Normally, my camera is around my neck 23 hours of the day....but there has been a bunch of things going on in our family life that has made me walk with a little heavier heart. But on Monday, Collin was so happy. Just to be alive. Just to be dancing in our kitchen. And I smiled. And I grabbed my camera. And I haven't set it down since.

These pictures aren't amazing. Some are blurry & not composed well. But they are a reminder to always live life completely. And happily.

In Dr. Suess socks & dancing in the kitchen.

PS: Stop the presses!! Those of you who are Instagram freaks, like myself (hollydaysblog), check out extragr.am!!!! You can see your Instagram account from your COMPUTER! Finally! I want to know who did this, so I can make out with them. Because I am an Instagram addict & this needed to be done. I'm so excited someone finally did it!!!! Can you tell by the massive amounts of exclamation points I'm using that I'm stoked?!?!?!

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