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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday FunDay (Photo Heavy)

I went freaking camera crazy today. My phone & camera are both filled with random photos from my Monday with Collin. We didn't really do a whole bunch, either. I let him get acquainted with my laptop. I want him to learn that he has to be gentle with it, so we played Peekaboo.

After his nap, he woke up in a FREAKING mood. He did not want to be put down. But I am a tricky trickster & he was happy sitting on top of our table with a piece of paper & a pencil....that was all I had within reach. So. I let him be happy. With his piece of paper & pencil. I threw on some Zac Brown Band on Pandora (have I mentioned I love having a laptop???) & we chilled that bad mood right out of him.

Check out Collin's awesome battle scar. He got into a fight with a stegosaurus. I shit you not. Stegosaurus pictured below. Collin won...duh.

After the bad mood was squashed, Collin handed me his shoes. Let me repeat that. Ahem. Collin.Handed.Me.His.Shoes. And then, HE HELD OUT HIS FEET ONE AT A TIME for me to put them on. After my sobfest, I decided that his new feat deserved the rest of the afternoon outside. Even if our backyard is a heaping mess.

Then Greg came home & mowed the yard. Which means tomorrow is sidewalk chalk day because we have a clean backyard to frolic in.

Have I mentioned before that I used to work at Red Robin? And I actually enjoyed working there? Anyway, we went there for dinner tonight. It's always a little weird for me to go there. The sounds & smell transport me instantly to the carefree days of young adulthood. Meeting up after work at someone's house for drinks & fun. Everyone dating everyone. I wonder if that is still how it is there.

I ordered Collin a meal for the first time. Like, his very own meal. Grilled cheese. And he sort of loved it. He also flirted with the little girl in the high chair the next table over. Like for real. He did he cheesy, nose wrinkle smile & waved & everything. Holla atcha boy.

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