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Monday, April 18, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week 15

Greg is braver than me. I would never let him play with my iPhone. The one time I did, he deleted my precious camera apps. I know. I know!!

My wild & crazy Tuesday night. Tuesday's are my Monday's for school, so I'm usually holed up in front of the computer with an iced tea & unhealthy foods.

01: Jack in the Box chicken teriyaki bowl. I took that picture for my Dad who is obsessed with them ,but doesn't have a Jack in the Box in his small town. He lives in Harrisville, MI. I think they have...no, not even a McDonald's.  02: Wicked bed head.  03, 04, 05 & 06: The during & aftermath of finger painting.

01: My new lover.  02: Checking out my blog for the first time via my laptop.  03: Collin doing what he does best. Acting all cute & breaking my heart.

01: Fire eyeball.  02: His life is so freaking rough, right?  03: Husband is away...wife will order Chinese.

01: Leftover chili for lunch.  02: Palm trees on a hot day. It was 99 freaking degrees.  03: Meeting my sister & brother in law at TGI Friday's for dinner. Yes, in Vegas the majority of our restaurants are inside a casino.  04: Collin. Being cool. Because he basically is.  05: My sister feeding Collin into an ice cream coma. I literally LOL every time I see this picture. Good parenting.  06: Cort & Collin being epic.  07: Whoa. I hate to love him sitting like this. It always makes him look so old. Like a kid. It may or may not have made me cry.

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