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Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone Photos: Weeks 18 & 19

Monday was girl's night out. We took advantage of this town & all it had to offer a couple of Mamas, a married cop & a sexy, single Corpsman. High heels, liquor & neon lights.

Oh, hello Tuesday. School, camera, iced tea, my protein shake & abundance of paper.

Collin & I spent the day grocery shopping (where we found OMGCOLOREDBUBBLES) & then I changed into my old lady cleaning dress before taking some bleach & a rag to our sticky fridge. I also made Ghetto-fredo.

Chalk & colored bubbles kind of afternoon. Then Collin came inside & acted like a teenager. I used my new Sally Hansen nail thingamajigs. I sort of love them. I also made love to my camera like back in the MySpace days. Obviously. Because who does kissy faces anymore?

My Mom rules & bought these awesome cups for me. Perfect for tea drinking.

This is how geekalicious I looked when shooting a wedding on Saturday. What's sexier than a woman lugging around camera equipment?

Mother's Day. Bah humbug. But Collin sort of rules, so I survived. And my Seester bought me a perfect gift. She knows the way to her wordy Seester's heart.

Hot jammies & a sink full of dishes. I was trying to out-laze Audrey. It was a rainy day...my fave kind of day. And we took Collin to U-Swirl for his first frozen yogurt.

Halloween jammies....& a sleepy baby.

Reminder notes for school. The little things make me happy. Purple laptop, purple mouse & coolest cup ever...filled with iced tea. Happy days. I also cooked a kick ass meal. Garlic chili chicken breasts & brrroooccccooolllliiiiiiii. She's choppin' broccoli!!! Fist bump if you get the reference.

Gangsta faces & my smell good. I left a cart full of sheezy at Target because I forgot my card at home. Winning. Resting my tootsies before leaving to watch FOUR boys. Baby Luke was easy...it was the three fighting intergalactic wars in the backyard that were hard.

Beef stew. I rule at it. I also rule at trying to be all Flashdance-like in my white, one shoulder tee. And Elmo rules at being creepy. I also finally figured out how to print out my class schedule.

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