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Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Guess

One guess.....I'll give you one guess as to how Collin & I spent our afternoon today.

Sidewalk chalk!!!

We also discovered that colored bubbles, while a fun idea, are no bueno.

Nonetheless, the colorful bubbles made me happy. I don't mind the mess all that much because Collin enjoyed himself & it was kind of neat. Living art.

We also drank freshly made sun tea , tossed a happy ball back & forth, discovered some chalk art inside the house & ate lots of cantaloupe. It was noticeably hotter today, with an edge in the air, but we are determined to soak in our Vitamin D while we can. Mimi, my cat, supervised our adventures from the shade of a tree & then opted for the safety of the height on our cool brick wall after Collin pulled her tail.

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