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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mama's Day is for Forgiving

Now that I've gotten my emo Mother's Day feelings out of the way, I wanted to make sure you guys knew how amazeballs my Mom is. Mother's Day is for celebrating Moms...& mine, well, she's pretty epic.

Even though she made me wear poofy bangs for the majority of my adolescence. 

Even though she dressed us all in cheesy Christmas sweaters every year.

Even though she didn't let me shave my legs until I was OMGTHIRTEENMOM!

Even though she raised me to be a strong, secure, confident, loving Mother & woman.

I forgive you, Mom. For being the most amazing woman I have ever known. And for making me feel special even though you were raising four children. And for setting an example I could never compare to. Insert winky face here.

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