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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mama's Day Gift Guide

My Guy Gift Guide was kind of a total hit & Mother's Day is coming up, so I obviously had to make a gift guide for us ladies. Amirite?

1. Jackalope Jewelry Holder from ModCloth // 2. Washi Tape Set from ModCloth // 3. My Pet Octopus Necklace from ModCloth // 4. State Quarter Ring from RingsbyGuy on Etsy coughMICHIGANcough // 5. Tech Candy iPhone case, I like the New York Case Set best // 6. Gradient Dress from Urban Outfitters

But seriously, though? If you men out there in the world are struggling with a creative Mama's Day gift? Just....no. I swear to you, Pinterest basically spells it out for you. Go to her Pinterest account & grab anything on any of her boards. I can guarantee you she will have at least two of the three following board names: jewelry, style, art. End of stress. You're welcome.

PS: In many cases, especially this Mama's case, tattoo money is always an awesome & unique gift for Mama's Day.


  1. um Holly. Where's the secluded kids free week long vacation with spa included, maybe with a BFF thrown in.

    Oh wait. We can't afford that. ha! One can dream. One can dream. sigh.

    1. Right? Haha, hence leaving out iPad, Kindle, etc. :(

  2. Ohmigosh, #1-3 THIS. If my bf bought me washi tape, I don`t know if I would die from complete shock or utter happiness. But I would die for sure.

    1. Right?!?!? I am obsessed with that jackalope jewelry holder. OB-SESSED. I need it in my life.