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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Little Toddler Man

Seriously, I'm positive I have the coolest toddler. Like, in the world. For the most part, he's pretty well behaved. I think I can count on one hand the amount of tantrums we have had. Does he get upset that things don't go his way sometimes? Sure. But he is pretty even tempered...this is something he gets from his Daddy. Greg has always been mellow & even tempered, so I'm really happy Collin got that from him. While he has an awesome temperament, he is still so excited about everything. He just loves life. he gasps loudly & screams, "MAMA!!! MONSTER TRUCK!" hen we see a big truck on the road. He just appreciates & loves little things. Like when he gets a piece of chocolate, "I yove chok-it!" or if he really likes a particular meal, "Mama, I YOVE wice & chik-in!" And sometimes? Out of nowhere, he just tells me, "Mama, I happy."

He is seriously just the coolest, sweetest little kid. I'm not saying I don't deal with misbehavior or bad days, but I sincerely am so grateful Collin is the way he is. It gives me hope & affirmation that I am doing good. And I need that considering I usually feel like he's been cheated out of a real family & that he has a Mama who is alllllwwaaayyyssss doing boring grown up stuff.