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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloggy Boot Camp, Help a Sister Out

If you read my blog, thank you. Thank you for, "getting," my sense of humor & coming back everyday. My blog isn't a business. I do maybe one sponsored post a month because I want my blog to stay my blog. You guys don't come here to get sold a pair of new shoes or hair product & you deal with my one or two posts a month that are sponsored. Seriously, thank you.

With that said, I'd really love to attend my first blogging conference. I've got my eyes on ALT Summit next year & maybe even BlogHer 2013, but I need to start smaller. I know I have a lot to learn & I know I could gain a lot from a blog conference, so I have been researching where I can start.

The SITS girls host a perfect & affordable ($99 to register) Bloggy Boot Camp four times a year in different cities. One of their cities this year happens to be Vegasland. Which meeeaaannnnsssssss, right in my backyard!!! All I'd need to pay for it the registration fee for boot camp. If everyone of my blog readers donated just one dollar, I'd have double the amount needed to get to Las Vegas Bloggy Boot Camp 2012.

I'd really love to go to this & you guys could help me get there. So, could you spare a few & help a sister out?

Also, I just want to throw out there for anyone who wants to go to the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp here in Las Vegas, I CAN HOST. Come stay with me, get rid of that hotel bill & get it in with a real live Vegas local!

You can help fun my day at Bloggy Boot Camp by going here to donate. Haaalllppppp me, please.