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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bloggers for Babies: Las Vegas

Anyone who is cool, reads Mandy's blog, Harper's Happenings. She's rad. Last year, she started a team for the annual March of Dimes March for Babies in good ol' WA & the best part (aside from the fact that they raised a shit ton of money for MOD), was that it turned into a sort of mini blogger meet up. It became about Mamas binding together for one cause. Mamas & bloggers all in one place for one reason.

This is Liam.

I participate in this walk every year, but this is the first year I saw a group of people join forces with their social media & use it for something like this. It touched me deeply. Because I walk in the March of Dimes every year. Rain, shine, sleet, blistering sun. Nothing could stop me or ever will. I walk every year with determination. Because I am walking for my son, Liam. I walk for the son who can't walk. Who never will walk. I walk for him because I want him to know his Mama is still here, fighting for him. And to show him that he touched people. Even though his life was so short.

Liam was born at 22 weeks gestation. He was a perfect baby boy. Collin bears a striking resemblance to his older brother. Much like Collin, Liam was a big boy. At only 22 weeks, he was already at one pound one ounce. And at 12.5 inches long, he was no typical preemie. Which is why I held out such hope when he was born. But Liam did not live past 16 minutes. He died in my arms peacefully & as safe as I could attempt to make him feel. He grasped his Daddy's finger until he slipped away forever. And we wept for days. And I still weep. Every. Single. Day.

Liam was perfect. There were no defects or any chromosomal abnormalities. This? This was all me. My body failed him. And me.

Later, I was diagnosed with MTHFR & an incompetent cervix. I had thought that a diagnosis or answer would make me feel better, but it only infuriated me. This all could have been prevented. If only I had benen aware.

So now? Now, I walk. To make other people aware.

You do not need to be a blogger to join our team. You only need to be willing to give up one morning in your life to walk this three miles....in Liam's shoes. 

The walk is being held at UNLV on Saturday, April 28th at 7AM. You can bring your kids, strollers, dogs, everyone & anyone is welcome.

If you're interested in signing up to be a member of our team, you can go here. Please note that becoming a member also means reaching out to try & bring in some donations. But you'd be so surprised at how many people are willing to donate. Even just $5 helps. Just post a donation link on your FB or your Twitter or even your blog! Remind your family/friends once a week up until the walk.

If that sounds like too much of a commitment or you can't make it that day, please consider donating. ANY amount helps. Did you know March of Dimes started by asking people to mail in ONE dime? You can go here to donate. Give up your coffee for one day & send it Liam's way. 

Please, please, please. In any way possible, I encourage you to help. This is such a huge cause for me.

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