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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear (Two Year Old) Baby Collin

Dear Collin,

Today, you are two. Two whole years old. And your Mama is having issues with this.

You no longer need me for every little thing. You can feed yourself now. You help me when getting you dressed. You bring me your shoes to put on your not so little feet. You can tell me what you do and do not want. You have your own personality and with that comes your own personal likes and dislikes. You have so much excitement about life and everything you see is a new adventure in your eyes.

I have loved being your Mama. Every single day with you is such a gift, little man. I live for your sweet exclamation of, "Lah you!!!" and your loud little belly laughs when I kiss or tickle you.

You have enough energy for two kids and I think I have your big brother to thank for that. You keep me on my toes and are such a stubborn determined little boy.

You say all kinds of things now: Ma, Daddy, lah you, no, yeah, holler, Nanny, Gampa, car, cuck (yes...we are aware what that sounds like, but he thinks he is saying truck, which is just fine), Cub Cub (Jacob), oh my, oh gee, baby, dog, wow, choos (juice), wa why (french fry) and so many more. You can count to three. You learn new words and things every day, which just amazes me.

You met your Cub Cub this year and you love him so much. Your favorite thing to do is play with his beard and squeeze his cheeks together. You two are so sweet together and have a special connection that was instantaneous. It makes me so happy to see how much you love your Cub Cub.

Your baby days are over, though you will always be my baby, and I can no longer say you are, "XX months," when someone asks how old you are. You are officially a toddler. A kid. And Mama needs to let go a little so you can keep growing into this sweet little man you are already well on your way to becoming.

Though I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for you, I have come to realize that every moment with you should be savored. I wish I could catch moments with you in a jar and store them on a shelf to relive whenever I want, but that isn't possible. So, I remember to soak in every smile, cuddle, kiss, laugh and even cry while it lasts.

Happy birthday, littlest man.



  1. Happy Birthday little Collin!!!

    Sending lots of love your way today.