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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Bears

Oh man. Collin and I have been super busy today. We came up to Big Bear last night to surprise our Cub Cub (Jacob) for the weekend and we woke up super early this morning when Cub Cub got home from his grave shift.We started the day with refusal to eat breakfast and a hissy fit over juice. Then we cuddled and got over it, which made this Mama hen so happy. The only thing that was missing was Aiden & two little girlies. Hopefully soon.

Jacob's Ma's house is filled with antiques and interesting little things. Among my favorites are the old school cameras his Dad collects. So. Fuh-reaking. Cool, you guys!

Since Collin had only slept a grand total of two hours last night, I tried for an early nap time. Of course, home fry lots his marbles when I walked out of the room. So I waited patiently for Collin to fall asleep while the manski made me some eggs. Because manski is awesome. And so were his eggs.

Then Mama showered and Manski did homework for escuela. And when Collin woke up, we decided to get all dressed and go on a date. Just the three of us. But not before Collin snatched my iPhone for some serious feet photos and then got his DJ Lance on on Cub Cub's laptop.

After lunch, the manksi needed some sleep. So Collin & I headed out to explore Big Bear. But really, I just wanted to keep Collin out of the house because he is loud and proud. By loud and proud, I mean obnoxiously loud these days. Tell me your toddlers are like this, too?

We went to town and naturally we needed to find a chocolate shop. Am I the only person who does that in small towns? I mean, I make a beeline for the local chocolatier/fudge/ice cream/candy shop. Mission was accomplished and I totes am winning Mom of the year for buying my almost two year old a birthday cake flavored ice cream cone. Yes. A cone. For. The. Mother. Effing. Win.

I have been using my iPhone mostly for pictures lately. Because I've been encouraging Jacob to use my DSLR. He totally has an eye and he took a bunch of pictures today, but I'm gonna let him post them later if he decides he wants to share!

Also? This happened.

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