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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manski Mondays Q&A

Word is out. I am seeing someone new. I am crazy in love. And crazy happy.

And you guys! He is totally fuh-reaking handsome!!!

Jacob is an English dweeb like myself (we met as English majors in school) and even writes short stories for me to read. I believe I am dating a future world renowned author, but he would disagree. For now, I'll just encourage him and ask him to do a guest spot on my blog.

We have talked it over and the both of us love the idea of Jacob having a regular post up on the blog. Manski Mondays will be Jacob's weekly blog. There is no specific topic; just my manski writing about our little life from his perspective.

For many of you, I know it seems like Jacob came from thin air. And that is why we thought his first blog should be an open Q and A. No holds barred. You guys can ask anything you want. About his kids (he has three), about Collin, about what it's like dating a crazy blogging dweeby Mama....anything.

Leave your questions in the comments and he will answer them this Monday!

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