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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Lunch & Steppin' Out

My Daddy is in town and when he is in town, we usually end up having a ginormous family lunch or breakfast out at a restaurant. We met up with the fam this afternoon at TGIFriday's & got our serious grub on. Afterwards, Collin let everyone know just how gangsta he is...in case anyone forgot.

After our bellies were full, we spontaneously decided we needed to browse through a nearby furniture store. Well....okay....maybe Seester & I decided that. Daddy & Keith (brother-in-law) were just along for the ride. At least they were good sports. I sort of fell in lust with this set. I want. I need. Just try & tell me this living room set isn't sweet on the eyes!

I rocked the sheezy out of a new dress that I scored from Ross for $8. Yes!!! EIGHT FUH-REAKING DOLLARS! It pays to take your time & sift through those clearance racks. I promise it pays.

My Seester's dog was just plain rude when we were trying to get some SOS photos. Rude & gross! But what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share in the rude behavior? Because it's pretty hilarious.

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I miss my lovies. I'm back. Officially. Look OUT!

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