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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Late Night Photo Dump

I know you guys miss me....I mean, DUH! Who wouldn't? I am still adjusting to my work & school schedule & once again, I promise Holly Days ain't going anywhere!!! I'm just finding my groove & figuring things out. In fact, I am squeezing in this post as chapters print for my new class next week. Multi-tasking skills? I haz dem. In the meantime, photos will have to update you on my life.

I totally picked up this shirt at Wal-mart & I ain't even afraid to say so! Also, I may be too fat for skinny jeans, but ask if I care? Comfort wins over said fashion rule.

I love that Collin instantly knows to make silly faces when he sees my camera phone open up.

Best thing ever invented. Bubblegum vodka? I mean.....who invented this? GENIUS!!!

Memorial Day at my Mama's house. She's a balla...obviously.

To celebrate my first day at the new gig, we took Collin to Olive Garden. I'm fancy like that.

Second day at work...& this time comfortable. I showed up day one wearing super business lady attire. And everyone else was in cut off jean shorts & band tees. Effing jackpot.

I even get to wear my pretty maxi dresses to work. <33

Remember that tattoo I blogged about awhile back???

I plan to write a blog entry devoted only to this tattoo & the reasoning behind it. But for now....just admire & be jealous.

Collin & Mama playing on a Sunday afternoon. I missed him like you would not even believe.

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