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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Dig It Part Duex

Awhile back, I did a post about things I was really digging at the moment. I vote that that post was awesome. I also vote that another one needs to happen. This is that post. You're welcome.

This music video is so epically awesome. I mean, seriously. I am in love with it. The song is equally as awesome & has been on repeat on my iPhone since it was recommended to me by a friend. Heart eyes all day long.

The same friend also introduced me to the awesome that is Morgan M. Morgansen. This was a huge collaborative project (via hitRECord, started by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) that included contributions from over 180 different people & the result is so incredibly breathtaking. I loved this video. The playful verbage & way they mixed words was so awesome. This English major fell in love. There is another one floating around: Morgan & Destiny's Eleventeenth Date, which is equally as awesome (& this one includes Channing Tatum).

I saw this on Little Chief Honeybee last week & LOLed my ass off.

I have been trying to figure out what tattoo(s) I want to get that will represent both Collin & Liam since I have had them. I have my footprints for Liam, but I have also been wanting something that I can have to represent both of my boys. After seeing Mandey's post & her rad tattoo, I'm pretty sure I will be jacking her birth month flower idea. She got two daffodils for her twin boys. Look how awesome hers is! Can you blame me for wanting to steal the idea?

Thanks to Stephanie, I have become obsessed with Pinterest. My boards are all totally unorganized & need to be pinned correctly, but talk about wasting away the day. I could spend forever pinning things I love. Some of my current faves:

Again...you're freaking welcome.

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