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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Dig It

I have been stumbling upon some really great links & amazing finds in the internet lately & feel the need to share them with you guys. Because I love you all so freaking much & because I'm awesome like that....& because I'm feeling too lazy to put together a real blog. But seriously, these links are full of win & no one even paid me to say so!

First, I have to get all serious. A friend of mine from high school is going through some really tough times in his marriage. What's amazing about him, is that instead of giving up & doing the easy thing (which is to leave the marriage), he is trying to better himself & turn a bad situation into a learning experience. I was shocked at his openness & honesty. I'd be lying if I said I had the perfect marriage & he gave some great advice in his latest book review/ vlog. You can find it, here. ( PS: He's not bad to look at either. Just sayin'. Cllliiicccckkkk the link! Give the guy some hits! )

Second, I mentioned this in a previous blog & everyone gave great feedback, so I'm going to link to Pugly Pixel again. It's a crazy fun & super cute graphics blog. They have a bunch of freebie downloads that I promise you are going to luuurrrvvveeeeee.

This video had me in HYSTERICS for 11 solid minutes. Seriously.

The song Just a Feeling by Maroon 5 has been on repeat on my iPhone this week. In love.

If you want some amazingly amazing fonts, you should go to Two Peas in a Bucket. Nearly every font I use came from there, thanks to an old co-worker, Amy, for giving me a CD with a massive amount of fonts for me to download from them. I've been addicted ever since. They have a free fonts section, too.

You have to check out Monkey Bean Photography. Their newborn shoots are so inspiring.

I'm so lusting over this camera. Drool, drool, duh-rooooollll.

Taylor Swift has this song called Never Grow Up that Dani @ Something Sweet posted about. I am in no way a Taylor Swift fan, but this song will make any Mama a fan.

Lots of crying going on today. Someone get me a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream.

Enjoy. You're totally welcome.

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  1. The Soldier's homecoming video, oh my gosh... I watched that Lifetime show "Coming Home" over the weekend and pretty much cried through the whole thing.

  2. thanks for sharing! i love pugly pixel, i even talked myself into the full fledged membership

  3. I absolutely love, love, love your blog!!!!

  4. dude. when you said "hysterics" I clicked the video thinking hysteric=funny.

    epic sob fest over here.