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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diet Coke & The Yeahs

I'm a pretty big Diet Coke fan. I don't drink coffee & I can never make iced tea correctly, so Diet Coke is my only way of getting my necessary caffeine fix. Yes, I know it's bad for me.

Collin seems to enjoy playing with an empty can once I've satisfied my addiction. Today, he went back & forth between his sippy & an empty can of Diet Coke. I couldn't help but think how hillbilly he looked with just a shirt & diaper on as he double fisted his morning beverages.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate my brown walls & how dark my house is, yet? No? Well, allow me to say once again that I cannot wait to paint these walls a brighter color. I'm so sick of all my photos coming out noisy & blah.

On a brighter note, Collin's new favorite word is, "Yeah!" This is awesome & hilarious all at the same time.

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  1. that video is adorable * my 3yr old & 16 mo. got a kick outta it too!

  2. haha thats cute that he loves a cup! I love cheap entertainment for our children! It would be sooo cool if you came to our blog party! Las Vegas is only like 7 hours away haha

  3. We do the shirt and diaper all the time...except now that we've switched to cloth diapers, the boys know how to undo the velcro and are pulling their diapers off all the time unless i put pants on them. Jerks.

  4. How cute! :) We do shirt and diaper pretty regularly around our house. Little guy is so hot natured that even in the dead Alaska winter, he still gets hot in pants. And he adores playing with the soda cans.

  5. that video is adorable. corbin is into nodding his head yes nowadays. what a little stinker for saying no to your do you love mommy question! haha

  6. so, I'm watching the video of Collin then came to the conclusion (DUH!) that we should totally skype one day! Connor would LOVE it!

  7. hahaha this is great because i JUST took pictures today of oliver with my huge empty diet coke bottle.. i go through 1 every.. week. at least. it's bad, i'm trying to cut back.

    but man, little dudes are cute with our caffeine fixes :)