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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Gardens

My maternal grandparents arrived in town today. My sister eloped a few months ago & next weekend, she & her husband are having a sort of reception/ party to celebrate with family & friends. So, Gramma & Grampa hopped in their mini van & headed for VegasLand...with their dog, Suki, in tow, of course.

There is something about the arrival of Gramma & Grampa that still excites me as an adult. I remember being so unbelievably excited when I was a kid, knowing they were coming for a visit. I knew this meant there would be an adult around who I felt would actually listen to me. I knew it meant Juicy Fruit in Gramma's purse. I knew this meant ice cream late at night because after all, Gramma is my Mom's Mom, which means she is the boss & the boss says ice cream is allowed at 10:30 at night. I knew it meant long talks with Grampa about how I am nervous for third grade because you have to know multiplication in third grade & I knew it meant Grampa would reassure me in a way only Grampas could; that I would survive third grade & I would actually probably survive multiplication. ( Note: I barely survived. Barely. To this day, math & I...we don't have a friendly relationship. )

At 25 years old, I still anticipate Gramma & Grampa's arrival with the same excitedness I did when I was five. Luckily, I have Collin to distract me as the hours tick by. Unluckily, he has a nap time. Luckily, I have a love for photography & my Mom is planting new flowers in her garden.

Then, they arrive. And with them, they attract family. Laughter. Hugs. Love. Smiles. Suki. And most importantly, Juicy Fruit.

Oh, & did I mention Grampa turned 75? Can you imagine 75 birthdays? The things he has seen. The people he has met? The babies he has held? The women he has kissed? The children he has raised? I hope my 75th birthday is filled with as much love & admiration as I felt on this day.

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  1. I loved this post, beautiful photo's love them all so much... Collin is so grown up... I had a bit of a vision and Courtney had eloped in what you have said throughout blogs, I dunno if you ever officially announced it. But any how, just wondering where they eloped too, out of courisoity. Hope there reception is tons of fun!

  2. You are such a great photographer!! Happy to be following your beautiful blog:) xoxoxo

  3. Wow all these photos are stunning. What a fun time. Love the black and whites.

  4. Love this post! I want to smell all of your mom's flowers and then splash around in the pool! Wishing your grandfather many more happy birthdays!

  5. So sweet! I love the sentiment in this post! And your flower pictures are beautiful. They hurt my heart as I sit here flowerless in rainy Oregon. The pic of your husband holding onto Collin's shirt made me lol. Happy birthday, Grandpa!

  6. I keep forgetting that you are in Vegas and I was like you are swimming?! OHH yeah! Lucky, that must be sooo nice to be able to be swimming already!!