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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lullabies for Getty

I was approached by Stacey Ball from Pill's Place earlier this week via email regarding a serious issue. A close friend of hers has a daughter named Getty, who is currently suffering from a terrible genetic disease called SMA1. I had never heard of SMA1 until I read her email. After I did a little more research on the topic, my heart was broken for the families that are affected by this disease. For instance, did you know SMA1 is the number one genetic killer for babies under two? 

Stacey also informed me that through some extraordinary acts of kindness involving Morgan, from The 818, & Angela & Alex Dezen of The Damnwells, a beautiful & sweet album they are calling Sweet Water Child, Lullabies for Getty will be released on April 5th. The album is awesome. I am even playing it for Collin tonight. He loves the soft, relaxing songs ( so do I...Sweet Water Child is my fave). The best part about this album? All of the proceeds will be donated to The Getty Owl Foundation which...you guessed it, helps fight SMA1. So...let's spread the word, bloggers! Write a small post. Link to them in your sidebar. Like them on Facebook. Tweet about them. Seriously...I just made it super easy for you. The album is seriously amazing. Just to prove it, check out the handy little widget below. Play any of the songs, I dare you...& try to tell me you don't love it.

Don't forget, people. April 5th. You can afford at least one download, right? Your baby will thank you. Getty will thank you. And I will probably give out another imaginary award...& really...who doesn't want another one of those?

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