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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vloggin' Vednesday: Q&A

After 35136127368912 tries, I've finally finished my Vloggin' Vednesday vlog. My mic went out on my web cam after I recorded the entire thing. I sounded like a total tranny. It was hot...but I decided to make another vlog so you wouldn't be too distracted by the sexiness.

Also, I have zilch makeup on & super frizzy hair. Plus, the thumbnail YouTube chose is full of win. The sexy might overwhelm you. Keep the kids away from this vlog, people.

Don't forget to link up your blog over @ Adeline's Daddy. He is doing such a faboosh job of hosting this whole thing.

It's totally 12 minutes long I'm sorry about that, but I couldn't not show you guys my disaster area of a house & I had way too much to say about these questions. My bad. If you don't watch, I'm okay with that. If you do watch, you're pretty awesome & should get some kind of award. If it wasn't so freaking late & I wasn't so freaking tired, I'd probably make some kind of humorous button to go along with it, but I'm not going to. So, take this imaginary award & display it proudly.

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  1. so... I promise I'm totally trying to watch your vlog, but I can't stop laughing. Tears are falling down my cheeks, it's that bad. Oh wow is that clip of the first vlog HILARIOUS! You should totally post it. I'm dieing here. Ok. When I calm down I'll watch the rest. lol.

  2. ok. I get my award for watching the whole thing, I was enjoying it too.

    That totally sucks about your house. I didn't imagine it that bad when I learned of your plumbing being fixed up. YIKES!

  3. I enjoyed watching the whole thing. So sorry about the plumbing. Crazy!!

  4. I always love your vlogs because you are completely real and honest (not that the rest of us aren't) - but I feel like you're talking to me. You have so much going on but you manage to get it all done. There should be an award for that!

  5. Watched it! My 9 minute blog came close to your record length-and I don't have Dexter slaughtering people around my house.

    I got my LOVE print in the mail yesterday! Love ya lady!

  6. Ha! I thought my vlog was long ;)
    but I watched the whole thing so I will take my award now!
    I'm so sorry about all the holes in your walls!! I hope they finish quickly!!
    I think it's so awesome that you are going back to school, and your plan to become a teacher right as Collin is entering the preschool age sounds perfect!

  7. Haha!! Loved this! :) Sounds like you've got things figured out. So sorry about the house! What a bummer!

  8. I love watching Vlogs!! Yours was so cute!

  9. I love watching Vlogs, yours was so cute!

  10. I totally need to start doing this!
    As always I love your blog. I agree with what others say - you are always so real.

    I finally started to blog again today. I hope I keep it up this time.


  11. IM A SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD WE ARE FRIENDS!!! yayayayayayayayay!!! YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! can we be best friends now? *crickets* umm... well too bad I decided that we are... DEAL WITH IT! k best friend?

  12. Holly, I just wanted to say how awesome it is that you are going back to school! You are an inspiration to many women. Keep doing what you do, b/c you're amazing.

    Angi (Nicole's friend :) )

  13. zzzzzzz...

    KIDDING! i cant wait for you to get your house back! that is INSANE!! i would go cray-zay!