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Friday, April 1, 2011

Green Thumbs & Selfies

First of all, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME?!?!?! I've been using IE since forevvveeerrrr. All this time, Google Chrome has been waiting in the background patiently for me to discover it's pure awesomeness. This is my first official blog post via Chrome. And I'm sort of in love. We upgraded our internet speed in December after cancelling our home phone...I never noticed a difference in speed. Until Google Chrome. Oh, how I love thee.

Anyway, there is a point to this post...I am notorious for my black thumb. Around these parts, people know to keep their plants far, far away from me. When Greg & I met, he had five or six houseplants. They were dead two weeks after I moved in. I guess they just knew they were doomed. So.....why did I think I could grow cilantro, green onion & lavender from seeds? Because it's spring & obviously I needed a reason to buy those cute buckets at the Dollar Spot (Target...holllaaaaaa).

I have been watering & checking on my little herbs religiously for weeks now. Today was the day I had finally been waiting for. Confirmation that I am not, in fact, a plant murderer!! In fact, I am the giver of life for these plants!!! I feel a little maternal towards my cilantro because it is growing so hard & so fast. I'm so proud of my little plants!! 

I also did my very first selfie shoot with my DSLR this afternoon. It was crazy hard because I didn't have a stand in & because I'm not as cool as everyone else with their handy remotes. I'm not super happy with the results, but whatevs. I'm looking forward to trying again. Anyone know where I can get a cheap remote?

Also, it's been heating up pretty quickly here in VegasLand. So much so, that the inside temperature of the house reached 80F! This Mama is determined not to use the AC until (at least) May, though. So, I cranked up our three ceiling fans, opened up my front & back windows to let a breeze in & cooled the house down to 75F! Energy saving tip, courtesy of the Plant Life Giver Mama! You're welcome.

Since it was so warm today, I let Collin run around in just a diaper. He loved it....& I loved getting him up from his nap looking like this.

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