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Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Etsy or Not to Etsy

I've been thinking for a long while about opening an Etsy shop. For those of you that don't already know, I live in Las Vegas. Our thrift stores are just brimming with awesome vintage finds. I mean awesome stuff. I just don't know if there is a real market out there on Etsy for it.

I know a lot of you other bloggers have Etsy shops, so I thought I'd post some pictures of last week's thrift finds & see what you guys thought. You can be honest. I haven't opened the shop yet, so you won't hurt my feelings. Some of the stuff is easily found, but a couple other pieces I kind of luuurrrvvveee. It would be hard to sell all the cool stuff I find. Haha!

So...you guys tell me. Would you buy any of this crap stuff?

By the way, I got those cute little ribbon clip art thingies for free ninety free at Pugly Pixel. So cute! You guys should check 'em out! They have a few freebies you can download.

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  1. Even though it's not as cutesy I think these would be better suited on Ebay. Not only would there be a bigger market but a collector may come your way.

    I only say that because Etsy is "handmade".

    I am SO jealous of your thrift stores. SO. JEALOUS. Those milk jugs would make awesome vases.

  2. I am def. not the one to comment on whether I would buy these, because I keep saying I am going to get this and that from Etsy, but have yet to do so. However, I love the vintage milk bottle and know they are not easy to find. I think the key would be getting the word out to the right people (OBVIOUSLY).

    But thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the pugly pixel link. I had never visited the blog and it is great with a lot of cute freebies and helpful tutorials.

  3. I've toyed with this idea, too; I think your photography skills would definitely help make your shop stand out if you decide to go that route. Thanks for sharing the pugly pixel info--I think I need to get my hands on some of those freebies!

  4. I agree with your cousin. I just think it may be hard to sell them on Etsy. Speaking from experience, Etsy doesn't get a ton of traffic unless someone is looking for something specific (ahem.... how many people actually search out sock monsters? hence why I'm not a millionare yet), and usually handmade. Ebay may get you more traffic, and more money.

  5. I want to buy all of it already! I live in a small town in AZ and we have nothing and I mean nothing like that here! I adore all of it and am all about a new venture for any mommy out there!!! Go for it,if you don't you will always wonder!! <3 you got my vote!! ;)

  6. My hubby would totally buy all of those things, very cute! I left you some blog love over on today's post, be sure to stop by and pick up your award! http://momsbookshelf.blogspot.com/

  7. Ooooh I love the heart shaped pancake molds! I would love to try that some time. I just found your blog -- it's really great! I'm excited to read more. :-)

  8. I really think you could do it!! I have seen a lot of vintage finds on etsy that do really well!! Maybe try it out and don't expect a lot, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  9. I would totally buy all of that right now! I'm always hunting through the vintage section on Etsy, haha. I say go for it, what's the worst that could happen? ;)

  10. I think that stuff if AWESOME! My mom has some milk jugs like that that she uses to pour water when we have people over for dinner.

    I did that 'How Do You Say It' vlog. You should check it out!


  11. oh my gooossshhh, do it do it do it! i would buy that macaroni jar in a heartbeat.

  12. So cute I'm having the same problem if i should sell in etsy or not!!! No matter what if you dont try it you wont know... right??? Anyways love your blog!!! I'm your newest follower... visit my page and follow me at http://aadreamsblog.blogspot.com/


  13. I think you should! But maybe focus on more high end things are rarities - I know mandy from harper's happenings already does something similar, and it would be a way to set yourself apart. Have you been to the antique mall downtown yet? They have an AH-MAZING selection of so many different things. Not just typical goodwill stuff. I would totally buy a pair of cool vintage sunglasses, maybe a dress or some shoes, or some cool headbands/hair clips or hats!