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Sunday, March 6, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Nine

01: Spartacus eye candy! Season finale, though. Boooo!  02: The Bachelor totes tweeted back at me. This excites me more than I'd like to admit. I'm pretty sure this is his legit account, but if it comes out that it's not...I will still choose to believe it's real & that the real Brad Womack tweeted back to me. Because denial is healthy.  03: Happy after his nap!  03: (Because I forgot how to count.) Rocking my bangage.  04: My newest song obsession.  05: Gangstaaaaaaa status.  06: Collin Fonzin' it up. Heeeeeeyyyyyyy!  07: Collin likes to eat fancy. Pinky out.  08: Safety first in our house.  09: He is the remote King.  10: Holy fashion don't. I only checked the mail, though. Don't worry.  11: Plum blossoms in my neighbors yard.  12: Yeah, we already have blooms. So what if I sneak into my neighbors yard to take pictures with my phone. That's not creepy.  13: I love the vintage feel of this lawn set. I mean, love 14: Of all the fancy yard furniture I liked these the best!  15: I was forced to wait in my garage because the paint fumes I inhaled had me thinking there was a gas leak in my house.  16: Reppin' my hood....or just spray painting old lawn furniture.  17: My little herb garden.  18: Front porch chillin.  19: Ranunculus!! My favvvveeerrrrsss!  20: Purple posies.  21: Trying on a dress for girl's night out with my bestie.  22: Bestie & I at the Paris with obnoxious tourist drinks. Because sometimes you have to.  23: Ahhhh, Paris! *said in French accent*  24: The lobby at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. This was so freaking cool.  25: Candlestick thief.  26: Uh, I can see the candle in your hand, kid.  27: Oh, pee in peace? Not gonna happen, Mom.  28: NASCAR is in town. I totally forgot & went to WalMart. Holy zooballs.

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  1. Looks like a great week. Love that dress. Too cute!

  2. #27 is hilarious! Hannah does the same thing and screams until I open the door. Little monsters.

  3. i love all of these!! and that hotel lobby looks ridiculously cool.

  4. I am going to have to participate with this next week! I am a Vegas blogger too!

  5. that dress rocks and those plum blossoms are gorgeous.