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Monday, March 14, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Ten

01: I swear it seems like in every weekly iPhone photo update, Collin is standing on something & being totally unsafe. I look like such a great Mom.  02: Outfit choice #1 for Seester's birthday dinner.  03: Outfit choice #2, I ended up using the top & pairing it with skinny jeans & heels.  04: Collin & Mama before Seester's birthday dinner. He was my hot date!  05: Hibachi!! My fave!  06: A sewing machine I sent to Jess @ IROCKSOWHAT07: Being all cute watching TV in his chair.  08: Mall death pit visit09: Pot roast for dinner. Always makes me think of my Gramma Sanford.  10: My desk after dealing with my counselor & financial advisor for school.  11: Collin. Winning. Sheen hair & all.  12: Chicken dance Elmo sort of creeps me out.  13: Collin & his bestie, Dommy.  14: Collin smiling for his Aunt Maria.  15: Collin with his Boo, Bella.  16: We NEVER eat out. This was all kinds of fun for my tummy.  17: My hair supplies.  18: Waiting for Gramma & Grampa! What better reason for a MySpace-esque self photo shoot?  19: Flowers at my Mama's house.  20: Editing photos for my Family Gardens post.  21: Collin swimming in Nanny's (my Mom's) hot tub.  22: A big boy omelet. I nearly cried because he looked so big & ate all by himself!  23: Collin omelet.  24: Moi editing photos.  25: The snowy mountains. So gorgeous.  26: Collin being handsome.  27: Las Vegas sunset.

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  1. great pics & descriptions!

  2. I lurve your glasses--so cute!

  3. So cute! Big Sexy is my FAVORITE hair product. :)

  4. Your pictures are so cute, and I loved reading the descriptions! Just found your blog. It's looks GREAT! Can't wait to read more from you. :)

  5. Okay you and Collin are so cute! I literally laughed out loud at the "sheen" picture and description. We have all sorts of fun phrases and jokes at work now, thanks to Charlie Sheen :) Winning!!

  6. You look so hot in that dress!! You look really great!

  7. iphone envy. Connor is made at me for "writing letters" to you, he was trying to look at your pictures. lol.