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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mall Playground Death Pits

Does anyone else have one of those relationships with someone where every activity you do together is spontaneous? Yes? No? That's the relationship my sister & I have. She will usually call me up & be all, "Hey, what are you doing? Let's go to the mall & pick out a dress for my wedding reception/ barbecue thing. We can take Collin & he can play in the kid play area thingy-ma-jigger." Then, I'll frantically jump in the shower & try to pack a diaper bag & then realize I forgot to pack something for Collin to drink & then I feel like a big, fat Mom failure. Then I'll remember I have to do a vlog for Vloggin' Vednesday & that I need to be home before nighttime so there is enough light because my house is a freaking bat cave. And then I realize I'm typing in run on sentences & need to stop.

By now, you can guess we went to the mall today & this was Collin's first visit to the infamous mall play area. This was also my first visit to the mall play area. I envisioned my sister & I enjoying a savory, warm mall pretzel on a bench while we gossiped & giggled at all the sweet kids playing nicely together.

Yeah...not so much. The mall play area would better be named the mall death pit. It felt like everywhere I turned there were kids foaming at the mouth ready to jump on Collin & tackle him to the ground, thus decapitating him or breaking a bone.

Okay...maaaaaaybe the kids weren't foaming at the mouth. Maybe they were just older & more rambunctious, & maybe Collin was being his normal dare devil self climbing on things & promptly kamikazing himself off of them...but talk about being on edge.

{  I know it's crazy blurry, but I love this picture anyway.  }

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  1. BWAHAHA totally been there/done that! It gets better when they get older. THEN you can enjoy your pretzel, which by the way, thinking about is making me foam at the mouth.

  2. Hey Holly! I'm new to your blog and this post really had me cracking up! HA! I always try very hard to avoid the mall playplace. Luckily my 18mo old hasn't really noticed it yet. Whew. :)

    Look forward to reading more on your cute blog!!

  3. I agree with the foaming at the mouth kids. I will never take Wyatt there again! grrr.... and what sucks even more is that I work in the mall at sears in shoes which my department is right near the entrance to the mall and all day long I hear the annoying kids screaming. if I didnt have a kid I would hate them because of that stupid playground.