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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Perfect Afternoon

I had the most amazing day with Collin. We didn't do anything special. We never left the house (with the exception of Hawaii & China). We never even made it out the front door today. In fact, I spent the afternoon cleaning our bedrooms & organizing Collin's closet & dresser.  Collin helped, of course. His dusting skills are proving to cut my time in half. Fourteen months is old enough to start implementing chores, right?

Normally, when I clean Collin gets in the way & creates a larger mess. I always huff & puff my way through my daily tasks & at the end of it all I'm left feeling guilty for always making him think he is in the way. I have a crazy Type A personality & it hasn't been working well for Collin...& that means it doesn't work well for me. So it was time for a change.

Today, I took lots of breaks to play with him. I spent most of my time on the floor in his bedroom sorting through old clothes & dusting the bottom of his crib...which I may or may not have been forgetting to clean for some months now. I chose not to stress when he destroyed his hangers for the third time after I finished hanging them back up. I chose to remind myself instead that they are just plastic hangers. That my son is fourteen months old. That he won't always want to destroy his hanger closet & look at me proudly when he has knocked them all down. That he won't always run to me for a hug after receiving my approving smile. Why have I been so uptight this whole time? I finished what I set out to that day. It took me longer, but Collin was happier & I was happier. We played & laughed & giggled. Never. Ever. Again. Will I ever. Not include Collin in my daily chores.

{  My Dad made this for Collin this past summer. It is my favorite toy to watch him play with.  }

{  ...today we surfed the beaches of Hawaii.  }

{  ...& sailed the seas to China.  }


  1. I totally get that stress and it is very easy to forget that our little guys won't be little forever. And 5, 10, 15 years or more from now we'll care less about the hangers and more about the memories we created with our little princes. Good job. :)

  2. hahhaa, Hawaii and China. Hat lovin' must be genetic!

    and yeah.. I repeat to myself daily, "someday I'll miss this." Gets me through the day.

  3. @Geezees - Thank you! =]

    @pacingsanity - You are so right! This is why I need to chill out.

    @Debbie - LOL, I'm hoping it is! I love Connor's imagination & that he likes to dress up.

  4. oh my gosh, how cute is he though?? you are so dead on with this post. it really hit home with me and may be i need to lighten up...ok not maybe but definitely. i am inspired by you.