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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dust Rage

Who knew that if you give a kid a duster, it can provide an entire hour of entertainment? And one profoundly clean coffee table. I'm talking white glove test clean. Mr. Clean, eat your heart out, clean.

Dust bunnies, prepare to diiieeeeeee!!!

First, I shall dust this basket....& these stupid fake plants Mom keeps everywhere.

Hey, look! It's raining.

Mom looks like she could use some dusting...or a shower. Pee-ew!

Hey, is that the mac & cheese from yesterday?! Mmmmmmm!

Sassy looks like she could use some terrorizing. I've been easy on her these days.

Smokie, too....oh, nevermind. She's looking kinda scary right now.

I'll go ahead & help Mom out with her table, now. She is so behind. This place is a dump!


  1. If he ever runs out of things to clean at your place, send him over my way! ;) Thanks for following me--I'm now following you!

  2. Oh what a handsome little man! Thanks for the big smile!!!! The pictures with him and your animals are pricelss!

  3. haaa! Love this! He can come visit my dust bunnies too!

  4. @L - I'm thinking of hiring him out. It's time he start paying some of these bills! ;)

    @Ky - Thank you!! My poor animals! Haha!

    @Debbie - Haha! Totally! I'm hiring him out.