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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Football Fun

I don't really get into football....unless it's collegiate (Go Blue!), but Greg does. In fact, our TV seems to only have two channels. ESPN & Spike. He will even watch curling if it's on ESPN. This is why I spend my evenings on my iPhone tweetering.

My sister & her husband came over this afternoon for the playoffs. Greg also invited my brother, Jason (who is actually my cousin, but my sister & I grew up with him & even lived in the same house), over for the football festivities. Football....mmeeeehhh. Family over & an excuse to cook yummy food? Yumballs! While the boys watched TV, I took Collin out side to our storage unit backyard to play. Then he found dog poop. After I had a near panic attack over the germs, we moved our play indoors.

Collin loves his Aunt Cort. It's amazing seeing him play with her. He seems to know a part of her spirit & they connect in a way I know I never will with him. I love that & hope they always remain close.

{  I am taking a lot of photos of Herky lately, I know. We are saying goodbye, soon.
I want to remember him.  }

We also found out that Collin does not like peaches today. Hooray. Another food aversion.


  1. The photos of him with the barbell are just too cute!

  2. that blonde dog is CUTE! is it part peke or japanese chin? It's ears remind me a lot of my Japanese Chin, Milo :)

  3. He looks like a little punk rocker in that shirt and the hairdo! Love it! Remember, it takes something like 11 times for someone to decide they like something. Keep trying! There are days that Charlie refuses food he normally loves. Stick with it. Our backup is cereal and milk. That's his only choice when he chooses not to eat the meal we provide. As a result, lots of Life cereal for him!

  4. @L - Haha! Thanks! We thought so, too! Perfect for our little big man!

    @CAPow! - Thank you, she's my other baby. She is a cockerspaniel. Needs a haircut baaaaddddd.

    @Tricia - Haha! Thanks! I think he is so cute with his little faux hawk! Thanks for the encouragement. I need it. I've been feeling so guilty about his nutrition lately. Pears tomorrow, so we'll see!

  5. @CAPow - OMG, I thought you were talking about my other dog!! Baahahaha! This dog is Toby. We don;t know what breed he is. We rescued him from the shelter.

  6. haaa! I love the barbell photos!!

    Keep trying on the peaches. Always offer fruit and veggies. Eventually he'll eat them. Connor LOVES green beans now. Still no brocolli, but I'm sneaky and grind them up sometimes.

    I laughed about your "storage unit". I can sympathize.

  7. @Debbie - I thought they were hilarious! I plan to try everything at least once a week. Every Monday peaches, every Tuesday pears, etc.