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Saturday, January 22, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Three

01: Collin & Dad cuddling on the floor.  02: My new little dare devil.  03: Seriously, he's obsessed.  04: Yee haw! Playing with Woody's horse...Buckeye, is it?  05: Our first night of CIO. This was taken at 3:30AM.  06: Collin during our mini park photo shoot07: Sweethearts!! My fave!!  08: That would be three dogs & a husband in my bed. No room for me, apparently.  09: Wearing my huuurrrrzzz down!  10: Collin channeling his inner Tom Cruise.  11: My Mom's free photo book came in.  12: A prospective wallpaper.  13: Breakfast yums!  14: We like the one on the left. Won't happen for awhile, though.  15: My shoes for Maria's wedding.


  1. @Mommy to Lennon - Haaaaa! Thaaattt's what it is! Thanks!

  2. Awesome. I have to go get sweethearts right now! Those are my favorite candy until peeps come back for Easter!

  3. corbin is the biggest freaking danger baby too! lucky for me he's a tough guy too though! so when danger baby turns into accident baby its not so bad and he goes back for more! that pic of your guys cuddling is so sweet! and omg, i need to run out and buy valentines day candy!!!

  4. @tryitmom - They are bomb. Get some now!

    @Jill - Hahaaaa! He is driving me batshit with worry!

  5. I so need to get me some candy. If only I wasn't frustrated with my weight!

    I've been unofficially doing this photo thing... I need to share them!

  6. You should, if you have the time to. I thought it would be fun to print each one out & put them in a book at the end of the year.