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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Park Day & Presets

I love mornings with the Goo. Our routine is starting to feel familiar & comforting. Morning smooshing & kisses. Diaper change. Breakfast with Yo Gabba Gabba. Play time with Mama. Love on the doggies. Wait for garbage truck by the window. A lil more Mama smooshing. New diaper. Get dressed. Then Mama starts doing all her Mama stuff around the house.

Collin has recently started waiting for the garbage truck. He loves watching it load the trash. I am over the moon about this, because his cousin, Connor, does...or used to do...the same thing. They live 3,000 miles away from each other, so this reminds me that they are still connected in a small way.

Collin has been having a rough couple of nights with sleep. He refuses to go down at bedtime & wakes up frequently. I know toddlers go through sleep regression & this is also partly my fault because I still haven't sleep trained him, but I've been wondering if maybe it's because he doesn't get out of the house enough. I know he gets plenty of exercise. We have a pretty large house, but I still can't help but wonder if he needs to exert his energy somewhere else. Collin is a high energy kid. Seriously. He can be really difficult to get a handle on sometimes. My sister had the day off today, so we decided to take him to a nearby park in hopes he could get some of his energy out while we were there. Plus, I had bought some Valentine's Day props from Target a couple days ago & the park would provide a perfect opportunity to use them.

I'm still totally on my diet, but I have fond memories of these growing up. My Gramma always had them out & my Grampa used to pick out a special message for each of us before we left their house to go home.

I have been meaning to teach myself how to use presets in Photoshop/Lightroom & finally took the time tonight to sit down & do it. Holy. Amazeballs. Batman. I downloaded a few from Presets Heaven to practice with & my excited squeals of delight woke my husband up. I edited all of these with presets, so some might look overdone. Bear with me, folks. I'm still learning.


  1. oh darn it! Yesterday Connor was being really quiet... a sure sign of a kid getting in trouble... so I ran up the stairs expecting something awful. He was standing in his bedroom window watching the garbage truck. I thought to myself I should get a picture and blog it, then I didn't. That would have been funny if I had. Oh well.

    Cute park photos! I love the one with the "i luv u" candy left behind on the grass the best. =]

  2. Oh, and I totally forgot about the conversation heart thing until now. Thanks for the reminder! =]

  3. that lolly pop is just too cute! brilliant pics *

  4. @Debbie - That would have been so funny for us both to have garbage truck posts!!!

    @b lee - Thank you!!