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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Faux Hawk Baby

Collin's first haircut was in November. I couldn't bear to get him a real haircut, so I meekly asked for a trim. Collin was born with a full head of long, black hair & I wanted to keep it.

Three months later & two months into ToddlerVille, I've realized that the long hair that hangs in Collin's eyes is not something I can deal with. It will be warming up soon (in Vegas we have two seasons, hot & kiiiiiinda cold) & Collin is always touching his hair, pulling at it, rubbing it on the floor, etc. His newest favorite activity is rubbing his hands in it after he's thoroughly coated them in sticky food.

It was time.

I finally got him a for realises, real haircut.

I totally cried.

I know. I know!!!!!

I think little kids with faux hawks are so adorb & I love the versatility of the cut, so I knew I wanted to see it on Collin. I'm pretty sure it brought out his inner rockstar because when we got home, he started playing Daddy's charango...with his teeth.

My kid rules.

Jesse over at IROCKSOWHAT posted a really motivational & informative blog about weight loss. I've been wavering on my diet, again...even bought Diet Coke. I drank my last one at dinner. She gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get back on the horse. I was doing so, so incredibly well & fell off the band wagon without looking back. Thanks, Jesse! I needed the reminder!


  1. gaaaahh! Look how cute he is! Such a big boy.

    It takes a good few days to get used to. Before it looks normal on him. I let Connor's get really long in between each cut. It's like getting a glipse of my baby back before he goes "big boy" again. lol.

    Wait.... what's weight loss?? I think I've forgotten what that means.

  2. Goo looks so handsome. I'm tired of him growing up so fast. He has to stay my little baby drama foreverrrr.

  3. I love his hair cut!! And that last pic? Adorbz!!!!!