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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Hair

Collin had his first haircut yesterday. I prefer his hair on the longer side, but it was hanging over his ears & eyes & I noticed it was starting to irritate him.

Can I just tell you how OMGTRAUMATIC this was for me?!?!?!

This was the last bit of baby Collin had left. The hair he came out of my belly with was being chopped off!

I've been procrastinating this for weeks, but when my Dad (who was visiting from Michigan) told me he would really like to be here for his first haircut, I knew I could put it off no longer. Yesterday was my Dad's last day, so I scheduled it for then.

I wanted Collin's first haircut to be at a child friendly place because I remember getting my hair cut when I was little & I distinctly remember thinking it was going to hurt as the stylist came at me with her meat cleaver scissors. I also liked that they would have the supplies to properly distract Collin & hold his attention long enough to give him a haircut without stabbing him when he would inevitably turn his head.

I was pleasantly surprised when Collin sat very well throughout his cut. All he cared about was chewing on one of the stylists combs. As long as he could have one, he was happy.

Eeep! There it all goes! *sob, sob*

Collin has had this one small wisp of hair that dangles in front of his forehead. It's the only lock of hair I know has been there since birth. It never fell out, it was never combed away. It stayed. Right in the middle of his forehead. For one entire year. As she trimmed it off & gingerly placed it on her table (I'd asked her to save it), I choked back tears. It was official. Collin isn't a baby anymore. Any remnants are now gone & from here on out, he will quickly grow into a little boy.

Why do us Moms get so sappy over this silly stuff? I'm not sure at all, but for me it's a reminder to enjoy every single moment I have with my little man. So I do. I wipe away my tears. I take a breath. And I kiss my son who is very quickly going to outgrow visits to a child barber shop.

A horrible before picture, I know, but I totally forgot to take one while we were there!

After the cut, I was given a small Ziploc with my precious wisp & a generous portion of Collin's baby hair along with a certificate stating the information from Collin's very first haircut. A perfect keepsake for pathetic, sappy Mamas like myself. This is only a small hurdle in the many I know are in my future of Mommyhood, so I'll relish in the fact that it was only a haircut & not his driver's test or a new girlfriend over for dinner.....yet.

PS: My newest addiction, thanks to The Paper Mama, is this online photo editing software. It's quick, easy & perfect for bloggers! It's called Picnik. There is no download necessary, you do all the editing online in your browser. You're welcome. ;)


  1. I think I am in love with your baby. He is so adorable =)
    Thanks for sharing this precious story about motherhood xx
    It made me all sappy too.
    Keep Posting!


  2. I prefer the child places for Connor too, even though it's pricy. He didn't car about his first cut either, but since then it's an ordeal. One time he cried, I think because he thought it'd hurt, he looked down and said "oh no! you broke the hair!" ahahaa!

    It's so hard watching them grow up. I fear I'll be completely hysterical when the first day of school comes around.

    I'm totally going to check out Picnik.

  3. I did the same thing with the girls..except i cut their hair lol and cried while doing it.. They have always had such pretty hair that I wanted it to grow out as long as I could, but once I cut Nevaeh's off it actually suits her personality LOL.And only trimmed Jasmyn's to be even. But I saved it ALL and have it put away in their baby books..

    And second.. I checked out that site and thank you.. I actually redid some photos of mine lol.. It is cool....

  4. @Ruku - Thank you!! He is pretty cute, no? I'm positive he's the cutest baby ever to grae this planet, but I'm his Mama, so I think that my opinion doesn't count. Haha!

    @Debbie - Yeah, $18 for the cut, but I didn't mind the extra cash. How do you like Picnik?!?!?!

    @Christine - I don't think I could have done it myself. I would have had a nervous breakdown! Hahahaaaaa!!!! Are you totally addicted to the site?!?! I am! I have Photoshop, so I still use that, but this site is PERFECT for quick, preset editing tools!

  5. I have thought about it so much - cutting Elijah's baby hair (not soon but just thought about THE day it happens) and it makes me so sad and scared (for my emotions). But he doesn't have much hair so it's not a concern yet.

    Colin - I swear - it's like he is a model. He poses so perfect. I bet you could do traditional portraits and he'd be all GQ with it.

  6. @Momma Zen - Bring LOTS of tissue. ;) And NO he does NOT pose well. He NEVER holds still for me. These photos are the results from me snapping 647245436785367 pictures & praying at leats one comes out! Hahaha!