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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Target Toddler Nabbing

Collin was kidnapped today while I was at Target.

By my Mom.

She tortured him with lots of new toys, a new outfit, some rockin' Valentine frog socks & then took him to her house where she abused him with too many kisses & cuddles. Then, she took him out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

Poor kid.

I had nearly an entire day without Collin after running into my Mom at Target (addicts create addicts, ya know) & I can't even tell you the things that I thought about today while my mind rested....if you can call it that.

Would you believe I still have Christmas gifts to mail out? Slacker. There were so many productive things I wanted to do today, but when I got home from the store without Collin, I zoned out in front of the TV. The Bachelor (I luuuuurve me some Emily) & Teen Mom 2 were calling my name. I seriously love my trashy reality TV. It's pathetic. You should see the shit on my DVR.

The only productive thing I did today was glue Collin's nickname onto a cork board for the front of his bedroom door. Dollar Spot, holllaaaaa!!!!

I ended up not enjoying the silence & kept listening for Collin to wake up from his nap....only he wasn't going to wake up because he was enjoying a juicy steak with Nanny & Granddad at the Montana Steakhouse.

We had spaghetti.

Don't worry. As soon as Collin got home, he promptly tipped over his ball pit, grabbed my iPhone to delete some apps & make some phone calls & reminded us that he is the one that rules our house...

& we'd better not forget it.

My kid is ALWAYS on my iPhone.

Did anyone else see The CraigsList Killer on Lifetime? I thought it totally sucked. Just sayin'.


  1. Too cute... The Iphone thing is adorable.... My mom just got an Iphone4 and I have been wanting an Iphone for like a year.... Of course finanically just not in the books right now... But I set her's up for her because I am more technically inclined than her and I LOVE it reconfirms how much I want one, but want and need are two different things... So therefore, I have to wait, my birthday is on the horizion though and I think starting an IPhone fund is proboly a smart idea... Put away some cash too purchase the phone, accessories, ect and whatever I am short by my b-day I bet my family will come close to topping up my funds:) just means waiting just over three months to get that beloved hunk of technology that I lust after... LOL

  2. LOVE that you appreciate crap tv!! I swore I wasn't going to give in to this season's Bachelor. I really don't like Brad. But the girls are so great! Talk about some train wrecks (Michelle). And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Emily!!! Teem Mom makes me sad but I cannot stop watching!! Chuck is going to cut me off. I swear, he threatens it all the time.

    Charlie's fave app on my iPhone is Talking Tom. He loves to hit the crap out of him. Even better on the iPad because it's way bigger.

  3. "Monkster" haha that is hilarious, he's so cute!

  4. Ha! I find it so humorous you can still bump into your mom in such a huge city. Must make it seem "a small world afterall"

    I would have totallly crashed on the couch too.

    You phone cover so looks like a nice teething toy. lol.

    Didn't see or hear about the killer.

  5. @angelgirl - I'm obsessed with mine & I can't recommend any other phone. This phone is completely amazeballs.

    @Tricia - OMG, I LOVE trashy reality TV!!! Teen Mom, The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives (ALL cities), Bag Girls Club. It's pretty redonk! I don't have that app!! I'm definitely going to download it, now!!! Haha!

    @LetterstoClaire - Yeah....when he was born, we caleld him Monkey because he was COVERED in hair...now that he's a toddler, he's a monster. His nickname has become a marrying of the two! LOL!

    @Debbie - We live literally right up the street from each other & th Target is between our houses. Not a huge coincidence, but still funny! It was pathetic, but SO. NICE. My phone cover needs to get the boot. The little jewels come off easily into his mouth! You haven't headr of him? Wiki him, you'll get the whole story. Lifetime made a movie about him & it was horribly made.