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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread Houses & Christmas Tree Photos

It was another rainy, gloomy day today. You won't hear me complaining...except for the fact that it provides the most craptacular lighting for photos. Dude. Seriously.

My apologies ahead of time for the grainy, dull photos.

Collin is still not completely recovered from his sickies. He is still weak & tired. Eating very little. Drinking no milk. Just water. I'm hoping tomorrow I will feel comfortable enough to give him milk again.

Poor Ethan. He will never want to visit us again. All the, "Ssssshshhhhhhh! Collin is sleeping!" Has got to be annoying the kid. And the rain! We have a park around the corner from us. It's sheer torture for the kid. Bummer.

Lucky for him, I bought a gingerbread house kit for him to decorate. He waited patiently...the elf gift was a nice distraction...until Collin went down for a nappy. Then he was sent to work.

After Collin woke up from his nappy, Meaghan & I decided we needed pictures of our boys by the Christmas tree. Tell me Collin doesn't look completely adorbz & pathetic all at the same time? My pobrecito!


  1. a velvety poster! I think I may need to get myself one! seriously! ha!

    I think that's the same exact gingerbread house we had! I hated the frosting on it. way sticky. Don't eat it a week later. Don't ask how I know. {whistling sheepishly}

    And I think I started my Christmas festivities way too early. I'm so burnt out! lol.

  2. I wanted on for me!!! Hahahahaaaaa!!!

    It WAS super sticky frosting. LOL! It will be in the trasj right after Ethan leaves. New year = NO temptation allowed in the house...even week old gingerbread houses. LOL!