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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elf Visits: Night Three

Those elves are tricky! I tried staying up to catch them in the act, but somewhere between The Real Housewives of Atlanta & cutting myself yet another slice of pumpkin log, they arrived!

Hope your dreams are filled with visions of sugarplums.


  1. love the contrasting colors of your wrapping papers and the ribbon. I am going for a look much like that this year. it's a very vintage feel to me. :)

  2. this is very beautiful....i need a new camera...these turned out magnificent:) glad your hanging with us on FTLOB...feel free to link up even if it has nothing to do with food-:) enjoy the day

  3. Beautiful photos!! And fantastic wrapping job, too :)

  4. @Joni - Thank you! I thank, er, the elves thank Traget's Dollar Spot for the wrapping paper....& most of teh gifts.

    @Vic - Thank you!!! I'll check it out!

    @Mandy - Thank you! That's a huggggeeee compliment coming from a talented photographer like yourself!

  5. I have an obsession with bokeh. Maybe I should blog it some day. lol.

    as a side note, I'm often sitting at our desk with my chin in my hand, then I glance around your blog and there you are staring back at me with your chin in your hand. Makes me giggle. Then I sit up. lol.

  6. I do, too!!!!! I love, love, love it!!!

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I do that, too. I see myself in my picture & for a millisecond I think my webcam is on!!! I always have a panic attack!!!