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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Old Man is Snoring

It's raining, it's pouring! The old man is snoring!

It's another grey, cloudy, rainy day & I couldn't be happier about it! When you live in the desert, rain is a welcome friend...especially when you're missing snow. This is what winter is supposed to feel like & this is Christmas is supposed to be like.

Cloudy. Rainy. Wet. Fever breaking. Healthy baby. Elf gift unwrapping. Lazy. Leftover chili. Garfield cartoons. Animal naps. Baby naps. Warm fireplace. Christmas tree gazing.

I wish I could bottle this day up.

I'm of to watch some Christmas movies, now. Hallmark channel, whaaaaaaat?!?!?!


  1. a scratch and sniffer!! Reminds me of the Christmas one that was at Grandma's. I NEED to get that for Connor and Emma.

    ah Garfield. I miss cable sometimes. But only sometimes.

    sorry for my absence. I've been dealing with sicky whiney fussy baby, and a case of the bah humbugs.

  2. @Debbie -OMG!! Did I ever tell you we FOUND that book in a bookstore?!?! They STILL sell it! I bought one for Collin. I used to LOVE scratch & sniff books! That's why I...er, the elves....brought this for Collin. I'll check the dollar spot tomorrow & see if they have anymore! I'll grab one for you & put it in my package with the rest of the stuff.

    Garfeild was on my Netflix...which is connected wirelessly with our Wii. It has ALL of the VeggieTales, too.

    I acan't imagine why taht would keep you busy! LOL! I understand completely!!! No worries! I was just giving you a hard time.