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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Collin's birthday festivities are officially done...& so am I. I'm exhausted.

My Mom & Step-Dad allowed us to hold Collin's birthday party at their house. Large backyards are hard to come by in VegasLand & their yard is huge. They did so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Collin has some seriously cool grandparents. I mean it. An obstacle course jumpy house AND a cotton candy machine!?!? Thanks again to Nanny & Granddad, from the bottom of our hearts. We are truly so blessed to have parents like them.

As a kid, I remember getting goodie bags filled with candy & I always looked forward to it...Mom & Dad, not so much. I thought it would be fun to fill Collin's goodie bags with small toys that would be friendly for small kids as well as older ones. Let me tell you, these were some kick a$$ goodie bags. I'm a grown woman & I wanted one of these goodie bags. I filled them with stickers, sunglasses, miniature squirt guns, Ring Pops, glow bracelets & my favorite, animal noses!

My Mom ordered a cotton candy machine for the party & it was the biggest hit! Plus, we had so much left over, we were able to hand out Ziploc bags filled with extra for the guests to take home.

Collin did so well throughout the afternoon. No meltdowns & he was all smiles...well, aside from the trauma of Mama shoving him in the bounce house to see how he would react. It couldn't have been more perfect...we even saw a monarch butterfly when we pulled in the driveway that morning. Hello, Liam.

kick a$$ goodie bags

Collin's cakes, courtesy of Nanny & Granddad

the birthday Prince

cake smashing time

check me out in front of the camera


a family friend snatched my camera...I'm so glad he did

the guys were having more fun making the cotton candy than we were eating it

Granddad & Nanny, seriously cool grandparents

Everyone left smiling & happy, with my kick a$$ goodie bags & a Ziploc full of cotton candy in hand. Collin is pooped & fell asleep the moment we got home. I'm feeling pretty confident that my family & I nailed this whole first birthday party thing.


  1. I agree! Though I wasn't there for the main party part, I still loved what I got to be a part of! The grab bags DO, in fact, rock!

    Also... you should be proud of yourself Holly for your working out and dieting! Look at the pics of you! You can really notice in your arms and face that you're getting in shape!! keep up the good work!!

  2. Thank you so much! I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is!!! My Mom gave me the best advice...Fat Fridays. It really helps you stay on track during the week knowing you can eat something yummy on Friday!

    Thank you again for coming. I was so happy to see you, even if it was late. It ended up being better that way...we were able to enjoy each others' company rahter than me running around like I was for the majority of the party!

  3. I would be dishonest if I said I didn't get a lil teary eyed several times today looking through the sight window of your camera. Seeing on the other side an amazing family, friends, and all the love shared for one hansome lil man and his 1st Birthday!

    Holly..Greg, you are two of the most amazing parents and these captured moments will carry Collin into his life as a young boy and beyond as you well know.

    That simple moment that sometimes passes us by, even if only captured once is worth a lifetime of smiles :) love y'all!

  4. Eep! I love your goody bags, and the cake pretty much rocks. And a cotton candy machine?? Collin is one lucky boy!

  5. @Brian - Again, thank you SOOOO much for snapping those pictures for me!! It means so much!

    I think you're a photographer in the making! Uncle Bee-Rizzle needs him own camera!!! You rocked it!

    @Brianna - Yeah...COTTON CANDY MACHINE!! It was a total hit! Even with our blue teeth & tongues, we enjoyed every last bit of it! Haha!

  6. Oh yay! An inspiring post! I'm planning Ruari's bday right now. So much to do!

  7. how awesome! he had such a fun 1st birthday party!