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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Break Out the Thermals

The past few days here in VegasLand have given us warm blooded desert people a significant temperature drop. The chilly, crisp Fall season is upon us & I am so excited...& Collin's brand new Winter wardrobe, courtesy of his birthday doesn't help my excitement.

Today was the first day cold enough for pants & a warm sweater for Collin; a poncho for me. Collin & I stayed in most of the afternoon playing with all of his new toys (his current favorite is the new toddler kitchen is cousins Logan & Landon picked out for him). We giggled & wrestled with each other on the floor as I tried to keep my camera out of his hands only stopping long enough for a short outing to our local K-Mart for some groceries.

Curious little chef.

Collin playing with his new kitchen.

Collin & Mama in our cold weather apparel.

Tell me how fuh-reaking cute Collin looks in his winter hat?!?!? I'm obsessed with them. He has at least five more hats of all different types. Winter gear is the best!

Colder weather equals an approaching holiday season, so it only makes sense that I get excited when temperatures drop. I'm one of those annoying people who blares her Christmas music the day after Halloween. It gets me so pumped for all of the family get togethers, yummy food &....yes, Christmas carols. I mean, I have a Christmas song named after me, "Holly jolly Christmas," how could I not love Christmas carols?! It goes with the territory.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin spice latte weather & warming up by my fireplace for the first time this season. Bring on the Winter!


  1. #1 Collin is adorbz
    #2 You're gorgeous
    #3 You're pictures are beautiful (:

  2. that is the *cutest* hat ever!!

    I am seriously having to calm myself from the temptation to put up our tree this week. I am SO in the holiday mood!